Finding the right therapist is key to a good outcome. As a senior clinician, Dr. Stack consults with people seeking treatment to help them find a therapist who will be a good match for them.This can usually be accomplished in one session.

Carolyn Stack also provides consultations to patients and therapists in ongoing treatments. While both parties may be committed to the work, many long-term psychotherapy and psychoanalytic treatments founder. For example, there may be no progress, or patient and therapist repeatedly clash in specific ways. Conflict and impasse are inevitable in any psychodynamic or psychoanalytic treatment and some of the best work and healing can take place at these times. However, when the conflict impedes the work it can be constructive for the patient and therapist to seek a second opinion.  Two to four sessions with the patient, and separate meetings with the therapist, are usually sufficient to make a detailed analysis of the problem and to offer recommendations.

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